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Sonos Network Music Servers

The 2008 CEDIA Tradeshow was a great opportunity to look over the latest home theater and music system equipment. This is the largest tradshow in our industry, and it gives us a chance to speak directly with the manufacturer’s engineers and technical staff. A very hot topic this year was how to best integrate computers, particularly the music stored on computers, with existing and new audio systems. One of the products everyone was talking about comes from Sonos, a company that has created some terriffic new ideas. Click here to learn more.

Daily Hampshire Gazette Article

A reporter from the local paper called last recently, and asked if they could profile our new location in an article. Naturally I said yes, and I must admit I'm very pleased by the extent of the coverage!

CEDIA 2002

We just returned from the CEDIA, the home theater trade show in Minneapolis that continues to amaze, entertain, and educate. This is our opportunity to take classes, (over 20 hours of training this year), to meet with the manufacturers and technical support people, and to get a good look at new trends and products.

Pundits speculate on the reasons Americans are spending more time at home, "cocooning" as they say. People are investing in entertainment rooms, more elaborate bathrooms, sunrooms and so on. Whatever the reason, home theater is clearly flourishing. And there's no question that front projection is 'where the action is'. According to a report issued by Pacific Media Associates, consumer sales of front projectors increased by 8% in the past 3 months! 87% of those sales are reported to be using DLP technology. (See our Home Theater page for more details on DLP projectors.)

The other noteworthy trend this year was the expanded range of control technology. Many entertainment systems already have five or six remote controls, and more elaborate systems add lighting and window controls. Add to these an alarm system, HVAC controls, computer networks, etc., etc. Then consider that many of these systems operate in several rooms – it's a recipe for confusion!

There are already some excellent products on the market that can simplify the whole problem. We routinely control everything from one simple remote control or keypad. And from what we saw at the show, these master controls are becoming ever more powerful, even easier to use, and more affordable. Every home entertainment system should definitely have a unified master control!

Our New Location

We've just purchased part of the building at 238 Bridge Street in Northampton. It's across from the Three County Fairgrounds, about 400 yards west of Route 91 at Exit 19. (That's the exit for Route 9 by the Coolidge Bridge).

It's a great space in a really convenient location - easy to get to and plenty of parking. We'll be fixing it up over the next several months to create our new office, and showrooms for home theater and music systems.

Web Site Update

Now we're cooking. The format, colors, menu style, and the look and feel of the web site have been set. Now I'll begin filling in the content pages. All of the photos you will see are taken from our jobs. Also, I'm trying to make the written content more personal than simple product brochures. If you're interested in some of the more technical details, either give us a call, or check out the "Links" page for a direct line to the individual manufacturers.

March 17, 2002

I was experimenting with a new web site design this morning, while at the same time upgrading the software. (Which is what triggered the experiment.) Anyway, I inadvertently broke the older web site. Software doesn't break of course, but believe me you can sure mess up a file!

So although my "experiment" isn't nearly ready for prime time, let's move ahead. I'll spend some time during the next several weeks restoring functionality and adding new content. Thanks for stopping by.

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