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Paradigm Speakers

Over the past fifteen years the reviews on Paradigm speakers have been amazing. One after another, every reviewer has stressed the great value, unusually good construction, and remarkable sound quality that these speakers offer. Currently Stereophile magazine lists five Paradigm speakers on their annual Recommended Components list – including the tiny Atom's! These are great little 9" tall bookshelf speakers that only cost about $180.00 per pair.

While creating a music system for your home, often one of the most important decisions is speaker location. Frequently location then dictates the type of speaker we can use. We need to consider:

Paradigm offers great speakers in a wide range of prices, styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and mounting configurations. Regardless of your room, they often have an option that would make an excellent choice.

The final proof is in customer satisfaction. Over the past 15 years, I have sold hundreds of Paradigm speakers. (I've been told that I sell more in-wall speakers that any other dealer in Western New England.) And once these speakers were installed, the positive feedback has been overwhelming.

Paradigm speakers don't merely get the job done, our customers actively like the sound of these speakers! And that's the feedback we're looking for.

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