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Linn Hi-Fi Systems

Great Britain has a lively hi-fi industry, and Linn is arguably their top manufacturer. Over the past 15 years that I have been a Linn dealer, I have come to completely trust their intentions and judgement when it comes to new products. Every component they introduce sounds clearly and demonstrably better than the one it replaces. They have completely focused on building beautifully crafted machines that reproduce music with all of its subtleties, nuances and rhythm intact. They feel, and I agree, that this is the only way for a smaller company to compete sucessfully with large conglomerates. A full Linn system is honestly a joy to listen to.

Their products break down into three categories; speakers, amplification and source components.


From their entire line, Linn has two speakers that we find ourselves recommending and using over and over. The Linn Sekrit in-wall speakers are an excellent choice for top quality music in spaces that are best served by a built-in speaker. They have more than enough bass and a very delicate, detailed treble and midrange. The speaker has clean lines and can be painted to match any decor.

Katan, here's another great speaker. The Katan stands only 13' tall but the sound is amazing! This is all the speaker you'll need for most rooms. It comes in several gorgeous finishes, as well as black and white, and they can be wall mounted, placed on shelves, or used on speaker stands.


The new Linn Classik is designed to be useful throughout the home - in the kitchen, bedroom or living room - it's simple, stylish, fulfilling and fun to use! Combining an extensive flexible control system, a high quality CD and radio, and 75 watt/channel amp in a single, compact package, the Linn Classik provides superb sound quality and remarkable value for money.

Hi-Fi Choice, June 2000, says:

"A Best Buy: The Classik wins the day hands down by offering all the musical characteristics of a smilarly priced hi-fi system in a single, compact box. It is supremely neutral and well balanced when used with Linn's Katan loudspeakers!"

Remote control functions in the Classik extend the built-in CD, tuner and amplifier functions making it easy and enjoyable to use. CLOCK, ALARM and TIMER allow automatic turn-on and shut-down.

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