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Integrated Lighting Systems from Lutron

Interior Lighting

A Lighting Control System allows you to operate the light switches and dimmers scattered throughout your house from convenient, central locations. Using keypads, you can control multiple switches with one touch, even switches located several rooms away. In fact, any light in your home can be controlled from any keypad, providing instant access to all areas of the home and landscape.

As an example, the kitchen pictured on the left has eight separate switches for the various recessed, pendant, under cabinet, and task lights. In addition, the adjacent rooms have at least seven more switches for the lighting areas that are contiguous to the kitchen. Wouldn't it be great to consolidate all of these switches into one or two neat keypads? We can help!

Keypads provide a clean, elegant look by combining the functions of many standard switches and dimmers into a single control. Keypads are engraved so that the purpose of each button is clear and unambiguous. Contrast the elegant simplicity of a single keypad to the large bank of switches often found near the front door. We can even integrate lighting and whole-house audio control into a single keypad to further reduce wall clutter and provide a consistent look.

When most lights are off, one button can create a "path of light" to softly light the way to another room, allowing for late-night trips to the bathroom or kitchen without fumbling for switches on the stairs or in a dark hallway. And, monitoring lighting in individual rooms or areas throughout a home requires no more than a quick glance at a keypad's status LED's.

New Construction or Retrofit

There are many ways to configure a lighting system, and several technologies to choose from. In operation, a keypad needs to communicate with the individual switches and outlets. This communication can be accomplished over wires, or, for a wireless system, by using very low-power radio signals. The size of the system and the feasibility of running new wires usually dictates the best choice. The most cost effective solution often involves a combination of both methods. This is especially true when a house is getting a partial renovation or an addition.

An important point is that wireless technology allows us to retrofit any house with a lighting control system. There is absolutely no fuss or muss — no construction, no patching, no painting. We can be in and out in a day.

Landscape Lighting

Thoughtful landscape lighting enhances a property's value and your pride of ownership.

Outdoor lighting projects usually involve a combination of the existing front door, back door and garage lights, as well new lighting designed to accent landscape features and outdoor living areas. An electrician would usually install the actual lighting fixtures, and then we bring the whole project together by providing unified control over the switches — regardless of where they are located.

As an example, in a recent project, the on/off switch for the underwater light in the swimming pool was underneath the deck, mounted on a post next to the pool filter and pump. The pump was hidden there because it's out of the way, but who wants to climb under the deck to turn on a light?

A rare exception? No way! This sort of thing happens all of the time. In this house, as in many houses, the switches for the deck, patio, landscape and back door lights were scattered throughout the basement, the first floor and the garage. The homeowners wanted to operate all of these lights from either the kitchen or the screen porch, and now they can.

We can help.

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